We Are Live on 96.1FM

On Saturday November 26, 2011, at 11.00 pm we began testing the signal for our Catholic Radio Station. The signal is powerful and can be received as far south as Scotts Head and as far west as St. Joseph. We are broadcasting religious music for the time being, and we will soon have some station identification spots and jingles. Our next step is to install our link at Glasgow so that we can reach the entire west coast of the island. Meanwhile, we are in negotiations with Marpin and SAT TV for cable links to reach other parts of the island. We thank Mr. Kurt Matthew for his tireless effort and expert advice in helping us arrive to this point in establishing our station. We want to encourage you to spread the word about our Catholic Station, and continue to support us with your prayer and finance so it becomes a powerful tool for evangelization through out our diocese and the Caribbean region. Tune in to Dominica Catholic Radio, 96.1FM