Food For The Soul

Nazarine Gordon

Manager - Dominica Catholic Radio 
Nazarine Gordon

Since the launching of the Dominica Catholic Radio Station on January 6th 2013, the station has advanced rapidly in several ways. We have accomplished a lot, realizing many of our set goals, not withstanding our constraints. We think we are well on our way to having the kind of station the diocese requires.

The Dominica Catholic Radio Station is all about the Catholic Faith. Therefore our foundation is the Catholic Faith, as reflected in its programming and prayers. We begin daily with prayers. We begin with the Office of Readings, which was introduced in December 2014. It comes just about 20 minutes before 5:00 am so people can begin praying. We would normally begin with the bells at 5:00 am, then Morning Prayer (Divine Office) and before the Mass at 6:00 am, the rosary. At noon, you can pray Mid-day Prayer with the Angelus, at 3:00 pm the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, at 6:00 pm Evening Prayer, and at 9:00 pm Night Prayer. In between, it is laced with teachings about the Faith. There is The Church Teaches at 9:00 am daily, at 10:30 am The Professional Is In where issues that affect us based on biblical principles are discussed. Under that banner there is Health, Business, Counseling, and Grief and Bereavement. Programmes like these help the holistic development of the individuals and are still linked to biblical principles. The youth programme called True Youth hosted by the youth is aired every Tuesday evening from 7:15 pm. The Children’s programme is on at 2:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon and it is a programme that helps the younger ones with faith-filled mission and what happens at Mass. It is really interesting because we bring it down to their level. There is Mass every week day morning. We also broadcast the Mass every Sunday morning from 9:00 am. There is the nutrition programme - “Wise Choices” aired fortnightly from 2:00 – 3:00 pm with qualified nutritionists Paula Trotter and Jackie Prevost. So we have food for your total development.

Dominica Catholic Radio also broadcasts live other major events taking place within the Diocese. Additionally wherever there is Internet, if you make the request we will do our best to broadcast activities happening in your parish. Throughout the day one could listen to teachings on the Catholic faith to include homilies and teachings from various members of the clergy. We try to air something from every parish. It can happen if interested parishioners take the initiative, with the priest’s permission, to record acceptable broadcast quality Sunday homilies from their parish, relieving the parish priest of that added responsibility, and send them to the station. Similarly every priest and Lay Associates in Pastoral Care can record their homilies and send to us. We would then edit if necessary before airing. In so doing you have the presence of the entire diocese on the radio station.

We also do Church News at 8:15 am and there is a repeat at 10:00 am from Monday to Friday. There is a lot happening within the church so if you want to know what is happening within the diocese and within the church globally listen to the radio station. And we know people are up early  to say the prayers and to follow the Mass whilst they are cooking and preparing for work, so we bring you a repeat of the DBS News at 7:15 am so our listeners do not have to go back and forth changing the frequency. So listen to Dominica Catholic Radio and get everything.

We are asking our listeners to send in questions about the Faith and if you want to request a song you can call us at 440 7984/7985 or write to us. Your request is on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays between 5:00 – 6:00 pm and daily between 11:30 – 12:00 noon.

Currently we are launching in the various parishes Dominica Catholic Radio Army of Angels. We launched it at the Cathedral late last year and every Sunday I go to a different church throughout the diocese and tell the parishioners about the radio station and the fundraiser where we ask people to donate $120.00 annually to help support the Catholic Radio Station. Because we are not a commercial radio station, we depend on the goodwill of our benefactors. The yearly donation can be made however one can afford to pay, with the minimum being $10.00 monthly.  The response has been very good. We have forms to fill out which the individuals who decide to donate fill out and return to us right away. You can give us the money right away or put it in an envelope and address it to the Dominica Catholic Radio station. cheques are written to R. C. Bishop of Roseau. They either drop the envelope at the Chancery Office on Turkey Lane, or at their parish presbytery, deliver it to the radio station upstairs of the Social Center, or put it in an envelope and put it in a collection basket. The forms are for reminder and also for creating the database to record payments. Some of the programmes to come are Death announcements for a small contribution so we have been advertising that; a Family Life programme in conjunction with the Family Life Secretariat because the family is the foundation of society and good family life; and in the evenings some EWTN programming.

The response to our programming from our listeners has been tremendous. Everywhere we go people say, “I listen. My radio station is good.” Even non-Catholics listen and comment that they want their children to grow up hearing this spiritual nourishment that the Dominica Catholic Radio station is offering. However Catholics do not participate by calling in frequently to the programmes. That is the problem. The young people call their programme. Even for the children’s programme the children are asked to participate. They are asked to write and are given prizes when they participate to encourage them. But our adult listeners rarely call in during the programmes. I think they prefer to listen

The radio station is on 24 hours everyday. I often say to people if you get up in the morning and follow Morning Prayer, Mid-day Prayer and Evening Prayer then it gives you some sort of grounding. You have taken time out to pray and you can reflect and then you can help improve the other areas of your life. I also say that when you cannot sleep at night or in the early mornings because you have a problem with your health, your finances, your spouse, your children, your boss, at work, your neighbor, or any area of your life  you can tune it to Dominica Catholic Radio for comfort.

If you want to volunteer at Dominica Catholic Radio, you may contact us at Dominica Catholic Radio, Social Center, Turkey Lane and at telephone numbers 440 7984/7985.

Let me remind you that you can listen to the Dominica Catholic Radio everywhere on our frequency 96.1. If you cannot get it, you can get us through cable TV SAT channel 112 or Marpin channel 94 and through our website On the frequency we have a very far reach but there are some places you cannot hear the station so that is why it is available on cable TV and on the Internet. We just want to say to our listeners continue to support the radio station and continue listening. Send in your questions, send in your comments, drop a note, or email us at    .