Our Dream



The broadcast day begins with the Angelus (Regina Coeli, during the Easter season) at 6am followed by the Liturgy of the Hours and then the Rosary led by Bishop Gabriel Malzaire.  This is followed by a broadcast of the Mass at 8am and repeated in the evening.  During Communion time there is a spiritual communion prayer for all listeners especially for shut-ins, prisoners, and travelers.  Besides praise, worship and the liturgy, Dominica Catholic Radio is devoted to praying for others.

Sunday Eucharist

The Sunday Eucharist will be broadcast from a different Church each Sunday.  The cost of production will be underwritten by the particular parish or community.


Dominica Catholic Radio has the goal of bringing the listeners into the presence of Jesus and believing in His teaching.  All teaching programs are in keeping with the Teachings of the Church.  This is reflected in the programs on Apologetics, the Catechism of  the Catholic Church, the Documents of Vatican II.

Human Development

Dominica Catholic Radio is concerned with authentic, integral human development.  Catholic professionals have volunteered their time to host call-in programs that involves various aspect of human growth.  Attention is given to:
Family Life
Marriage Counseling
Medical Issues
Legal issues
Addictions of one kind or another
Topical issues


Interspersed throughout the day and night are programs of music.  These programs cover a wide variety of music—classical, gospel, Gregorian chant, sacred classics and other well known Catholic hymns.  Dominica Catholic Radio also offers a call-in request program for special religious songs requested by those with special needs.


Dominica Catholic Radio envisions periodic interviews with prominent Catholics on a variety of topics.



Jesus said, Let the little children come unto me.  Dominica Catholic Radio will offer programs specifically aimed at the children—bible stories, and other age-appropriate programs